A Dental Implant Can Restore the Presence and Structure of a Missing Tooth

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When a tooth is knocked out or lost to untreated tooth decay, it can have a profound effect on your mouth and quality of life. While you might be able to adapt to the decreased ability to chew food, changes in your speech and appearance can also prove to be socially embarrassing.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem posed by tooth loss. The surrounding neighboring teeth once relied on the tooth’s presence to hold their natural alignment. The gap left by the missing tooth can gradually cause these teeth to drift out of their correct positions.

The most effective method for preventing these problems and restoring the function of your mouth is to have Dr. Dexter Inniss perform a dental implant restoration at his clinic in Conyers, Georgia. The first stage of the process often calls for a simple oral surgery.

After you have been fully sedated, Dr. Dexter Inniss will make a small incision in your gums to gain direct access to the bone. A narrow channel will be made in the bone and a titanium abutment will be screwed into place. Afterward, someone will need to drive you home while the lingering sedative effect fades.

Titanium is known to be biologically safe, making it a good choice for the abutment. It will eventually fuse with the surrounding bone structure to create a very strong anchor for an eventual dental crown. Once it has been cemented in place, the fully restored tooth should serve you for many years to come.

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