A Temporary Dental Crown Requires Special Consideration

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If you need to have a damaged or decayed tooth repaired or cosmetically restored by placing a dental crown, this is typically done over two separate appointments to Gentle Touch Dental. For this reason, you may need to receive a temporary dental crown, which requires special care while it is worn.

At your first visit, our dentist removes the layer of tooth enamel that covers the tooth to form it into an abutment that is used to support the permanent dental crown. Since there is often a period of waiting while the dental lab creates the permanent crown, we may need to cement a temporary dental crown over the tooth.

It’s important to keep in mind that this temporary dental appliance is only meant to protect the abutment from bacteria and harm. Even though the crown can withstand small and careful bites of soft food, you should not involve the appliance in any heavy chewing of food or snacking on gum, and it should never be used to bite into hard or crunchy food. If your temporary crown becomes damaged or is knocked out of your mouth, the abutment could also be harmed and result in serious oral health complications.

We encourage you to maintain your routine oral care routine, such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once every day while you are wearing the temporary crown. When flossing around the temporary crown, be very careful so that you can keep your gums healthy without dislodging the crown. Use a floss that has a waxy coating so that it can easily slide around the restoration to remove food particles and plaque from the area.

If you have a loose temporary crown in Conyers, Georgia, we encourage you to call Gentle Touch Dental at 770-760-7566 immediately to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dexter Inniss.