Delicious Foods to Help Your Teeth Stay Healthy

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Your teeth are an essential part of your body. They help you talk and chew properly, which means that you need to make sure they are kept in tip-top shape. Did you know that there are several different foods that can help keep your teeth healthy and strong? Most people understand the dangers that sugar can have on a smile, but even fewer people know about the healthy treats that are good for your teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Dexter Inniss, understands the importance of maintaining good oral health. To help keep your teeth and smile healthy, he and our team at Gentle Touch Dental are happy to share information about some of the delicious foods that can help your teeth stay healthy:

– Nuts are high in calcium and protein, and are also low in sugar.
– Carrots are known to help produce saliva, which can fight against tooth decay.
– Yogurt can help strengthen your tooth enamel because it is high in calcium and protein.
– Meats can help, too, because they are high in minerals and proteins that are designed to strengthen your teeth and gums.
– Chewing gum can help produce additional saliva to protect your teeth from harmful bacteria.
– Leafy greens are high in calcium, which can strengthen your teeth.
– Cheese contains loads of calcium, which is helpful for building and protecting your tooth enamel.
– Apples are high in water and fiber to help produce additional saliva.

As you can see, many tasty foods are good for your teeth. If you have questions about your teeth, or if you need to see a dentist about your oral health, please call us today at 770-760-7566 to make an appointment. We are happy to help you in any way we can.