Keep Your Teeth Through Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment has received a poor reputation over the years–there are many jokes about this procedure, and even hearing the words “root canal” can make some dental patients very nervous. However, in truth, root canal treatment represents a very important step forward in modern dentistry. Thanks to root canal treatment, infected, damaged, or decayed teeth that once would have needed to be extracted can now be preserved.

Your dental pulp in your tooth is crucial to your oral health because it contains the blood vessels and nerves of your tooth. But when the pulp becomes infected, any bacteria can easily spread to other areas of your jaw and affect the rest of your body. Infection can occur in the pulp if damage in a tooth allows bacteria to access the pulp, and a root canal may be the only method to remove any diseased pulp and preserve the tooth.

To perform the procedure, our dentist will remove the diseased pulp and clean out the root chamber to remove any lingering bacteria in the area. Then, he can enlarge the chamber and place a material called gutta percha that replaces the natural pulp. We can place a temporary seal over your tooth until your follow-up appointment when we assess your tooth and place a custom-made dental crown. We will provide you with custom information to ensure you feel comfortable following the procedure and can heal rapidly.

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