A Temporary Dental Crown Requires Special Consideration

If you need to have a damaged or decayed tooth repaired or cosmetically restored by placing a dental crown, this is typically done over two separate appointments to . For this reason, you may need to receive a temporary dental crown, which requires special care while it is worn. At your first visit, our dentist… Read more »

Unattractive Teeth Might Be Address by Dental Veneer

Unattractive teeth that have been affected by dental stains, discolored tooth enamel or other cosmetic imperfections can hamper your self-confidence. The effect can be compounded by physical defects like chipped tooth enamel or visibly noticeable dental fillings. In many of these cases our dentist can help improve the appearance of your teeth. The process starts… Read more »

Understanding Mouthwash

Do you use mouthwash every day to help keep your smile clean? If not, you should learn more about mouthwash today! Mouthwash is an effective tool to keep your mouth clear of bad breath and bacteria. That is why Dr. Dexter Inniss of Gentle Touch Dental is happy to give you advice on mouthwash and… Read more »

A Tooth with a Distressed Filling Might Require a Dental Crown Restoration

A small area of tooth decay or other physical defect in a tooth’s enamel layer can sometimes be addressed by installing a dental filling. This mode of treatment will essentially replace the compromised area with an alternate material. While a filling can last for many years, they may sometimes come loose. This is often attributed… Read more »

A Badly Decayed Tooth Might Need to Be Replaced with a Dental Bridge

Tooth decay that goes ignored or untreated can pose an increasing risk to the overall health and structural integrity of the affected tooth. In time the compromised dental structure could lead to a severe dental fracture or a dangerous infection deep in the root of the tooth. If you are suffering from a badly decayed… Read more »

Keep Your Teeth Through Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has received a poor reputation over the years–there are many jokes about this procedure, and even hearing the words “root canal” can make some dental patients very nervous. However, in truth, root canal treatment represents a very important step forward in modern dentistry. Thanks to root canal treatment, infected, damaged, or decayed… Read more »

Tooth Enamel Erosion Might Be Linked to Several Factors

Your teeth rely on strong tooth enamel to both execute the basic function of biting and chewing food, as well as resisting tooth decay and protecting the internal core tissues. The overall integrity and health of your tooth enamel are based on the density of its microscopic mineral structures. This mineral integrity can sometimes be… Read more »

Tips to Ensure Your Oral Health Stays in Optimal Shape During the Holidays

The holidays are filled with fun things to do and of course, yummy food to eat. Candy canes, pies, and other treats are a staple for the holidays, but they can also increase decay-producing bacteria from sugar and acid, for the whole family. Read below to learn how you can reduce the chance of cavities… Read more »

Common Signs of Oral Cancer

In the past, oral cancer was associated only with males over forty, but it is becoming more common in women and young people. If detected early, oral cancer can respond favorably to treatment. Most oral cancers are detected by your dentist during dental checkups, but we offer a list of common oral cancer symptoms to… Read more »

What You Can Expect After You Repair Your Tooth with a Dental Filling

Repairing a tooth with a dental filling is a simple and quick treatment that can help you restore your oral health and smile. Now, if you’re about to get a cavity treated, it’s important to properly recover so you can return to a fully functional and healthy tooth. To help you do so, our dentist,… Read more »